Thieves strike at Orkney’s Italian Chapel

Orkney is usually a peaceful place with very little in the way of crime.  However, it appears that within the last few weeks, 3 stations of the cross have gone missing from Orkney’s famous Italian Chapel.

View to the sanctuary

View to the sanctuary

The police are involved and they are trying to determine exactly when the theft occurred but is thought to have taken place some time between 29 July and 12 August.  A previous break-in in May left the doors damaged.

These hand carved wooden plaques are unique and were gifted as a set of fourteen by the chapel’s creator Domenico Chiocchetti and his wife in 1964.

2014 commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Italian Chapel, created towards the end of WWII by prisoners of war.  The theft of some of the plaques is a truly despicable act, dishonouring the memory of those who built this beautiful place and striking at the heart of a trusting Orkney community.

Orkney police are asking if anyone has noted that the stations were missing and if so, when.  They would also like to know if anyone can definitively pinpoint when they last saw the complete set present in the Chapel.

If anyone has any information, they are asked to ring the Police non-emergency number on 101 and ask to speak with the Kirkwall Police.

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