New Tattie Wine from Orkney Wines

Orkney Wines produce some very unique and remarkably tasty wines and the latest edition to their range seems set to continue the trend.

Tattie Wine - Orkney Wine

New Tattie Wine from Orkney Wine

Intensely different, smooth with a subtle whisky finish, Tattie wine is hand crafted from three varieties of Orkney grown heritage potatoes and matured in Arran malt whisky casks.

Excellent on its own, over ice or with dark chocolate.
Available in 70cl bottles for £18.95 and 35cl bottles for £11.50.
The wine can be ordered online, or phone them on 01856 781736.

They will be very busy bottling and labeling over the next few weeks and have already bottled new batches of Cranberry, Orkney Red and Orkney White. The new batch of Cranberry is now available again from their website.

The liqueurs, which have been maturing in Whisky casks will also be coming soon in some very special bottles.

These wines and liqueurs make great Christmas presents and Orkney Wines will be posting the full range on their facebook page.

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