Willie from The Simpsons is from Orkney?

The hard-drinking, hard-fighting Springfield resident with the bright red beard, Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons is from Orkney – if this article from the BBC is to be believed.

He will reveal more about his Scottish roots and his personality conflicts in an episode of the show to be broadcast later this month in America.

Rob LaZebnik is The Simpsons writer who came up with this storyline.

Willie reveals all in the episode when he explains that he is from Kirkwall.

Rob LaZebnik said: “We felt it was time and we are very pleased to identify him as an Orcadian.”

The writers appear to have settled on Orkney due to the ba’ game.

Update – Sunday, 5 February 2012

It would appear that the debate between Glasgow, the assumed home of groundskeeper Willie and Kirkwall is set to heat up after a motion was filed in the Scottish Parliament.

MSP for Orkney  Liam McArthur , Liberal Democrat, called upon Glasgow City Council to give up Willie as a “Son of that fair City.”

*S4M-01921 Liam McArthur: Hands off Groundskeeper Willie—That the Parliament notes that it has been confirmed that Groundskeeper Willie of The Simpsons fame hails from Kirkwall, Orkney; understands that the revelation is made in an episode entitled The Daughter Also Rises, to be broadcast in America on 12 February 2012, where Willie confides in Bart that his father was a ‘doonie’ and his mother was an ‘uppie’, in reference to the two teams in the world-famous ‘Ba game’; understands how the tension created by this modern day version of Capulets and Montagues tore his family apart but welcomes the fact that the long-running debate over Willie’s heritage is now at an end, and calls on Glasgow City Council to renounce its claim to Orkney’s Groundskeeper Willie as a son of that fair city.

Famous Glaswegians listed on the City of Glasgow website  include Groundskeeper Willie – from the Simpsons.

Under the heading, fictional characters, the entry now reads:

Groundskeeper Willie – from the Simpsons.  Once claimed he was “the ugliest man in Glasgow”, but now says he is from Orkney.

Will this now mean Orkney will see an influx of characters from The Simpsons in next years ba’ game ?