Groundskeeper Willie – Heritage trail

With the shock announcement that Groundskeeper Willie, the fictional character from the hit tv series The Simpsons,  has Orkney roots we wondered about his heritage.

The Simpsons Heritage Trail

The Simpsons Heritage Trail

In the episode entitled The Daughter Also Rises, to be broadcast in America on 12 February 2012, Groundskeeper Willie confides in Bart that his father was a ‘doonie’ and his mother was an ‘uppie’, in reference to the two teams in the world-famous Orkney ‘Ba game’.

Possibly a new trail could be devised for visitors to Orkney to experience the islands, but what should be included and what would be the route?

To get the project underway here are a few suggestions.

Let us know, via the comments area, places you think should be listed with Groundskeeper Willie’s history and heritage.

Where to start The Simpsons Heritage Trail?

For us, the start has to be on Broad Street, Kirkwall and the home of the Ba’ Game.

From here any visitor can then explore either of Groundskeeper Willie’s roots and get a flavour of the area.

To follow his fathers roots, as a Doonie, the explorer would travel north of St. Magnus Cathedral.

Walking in the opposite direction as an ‘Uppie’ the historian would re-trace his mothers family.

Family History

The Orkney Family History Society, based at Kirkwall Library, is a fantastic resource full of Viking and Norse genealogy.

With his striking red eye brows and full beard, it is highly likely that Groundskeeper Willie’ s ancestors are Viking, travelling over the water from Norway and Scandinavia .

His temperament may also be an indicator to his past,  being unafraid to get stuck in to sort things out.

Where next?

Just for fun, what areas and places do you think are linked to Groundskeeper Willie’s history and heritage ? Add your comments below…