Experience Orkney’s Churchill Barriers

What better way to enjoy the journey over the Churchill Barriers in Orkney, than by motorbike.

The Churchill Barriers were constructed by Italian POW’s during World War II and now form an important road link between the southern Orkney islands of South Ronaldsay, Burray and Lamb Holm.

This video was taken using a GoPro HD camera attached to the helmet of a motorcycle rider on his Yamaha FJR1300.

His journey starts at Barrier number 4 which links the island of South Ronaldsay to the island of Burray.

To the right are clearly visible, the remains of one of the most complete and oldest sunken block ships, The Reginald.  Built in 1878 and sunk in Weddel Sound in 1915, the 930 ton 3 masted motor schooner is today used to store lobster creels.

From the Island of Burray, the short second barrier links to the small island of Glimps Holm and continues on to the second barrier to Lamb Holm where the stunning Italian Chapel built by the prisoners of war can be found.

The journey continues onto the first barrier which links to the southern part of the western mainland.

Turning left through St Mary’s the A961 follows the coastline of Scapa Flow toward Kirwall.