Papdale Woods new lease of life

The long term health of the Papdale Woods is being boosted with help from Pupils of Kirkwall Grammar Sschool.

Assisted by the Orkney Woodlands Project, a group of S3 pupils will be planting around 50 young trees including sycamore, beech, oak, elm, holly and hazel.

Pupils from Orkney KGS at Papdale woods

Pupils at KGS show off their handywork at the Papdale tree planting project

This will extend the lifespan of the wood and increase its diversity.

The new trees and species will gradually become established to replace existing mature trees when they finally come to end of their natural lifespan.

Kirkwall East Councillor Steven Heddle who attended the first planting session said: “It’s good to see work done to help the woods thrive for further generations to enjoy, and great to see the enthusiasm and effort shown by these young members of the community. I am sure they will remember the trees that they plant, and enjoy the opportunity in the future to tell their grandchildren about it.”

Ronnie Bruce, Project Director for Morrison Construction said: “We are delighted to support today’s planting initiative organised by Orkney Woodland Project who carry out a lot of good work in the local community to conserve and enhance our landscape.

“The range of species of young trees and shrubs being planted will add to the overall diversity within the Papdale Woods.

“Hopefully the children who have been planting with us will find it rewarding not just from their efforts today but in the future as they watch these saplings develop into mature trees over the years.”