Neolithic life not so peaceful

Studies of skulls of Neolithic men, women and children buried in Orkney’s Tomb of the Eagles, show a less peaceful life than previously thought.

Orkneyjar, Archaeology News reports that, according to new research, skulls showed evidence of violent fatal attacks.

At least 20 percent and possibly around 40 percent of the skulls of adults and children showed evidence of violent trauma.

Peaceful life

The tranquillity of Orkney leads us all to assume that Neolithic life, although quite hard, was peaceful and serene but these findings show quite a different story with a level of cranial trauma which the archaeologists have found astounding.

He said: “The level of cranial trauma at the Tomb of the Eagles was quite astounding. By checking if the wounds were healed or not, we can see if someone suffered the trauma at around the time of death.

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