Banks Tomb Video Diary

Archaeologists have harnessed the power of YouTube to bring daily reports from the latest dig at Banks Tomb in South Ronaldsay.

Join the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) team, headed by Dan Lee as they battle against time to save human remains and artefacts from a recently discovered Neolithic tomb at Banks in Orkney.

Under the stone

When Orcadians go gardening, they are just as likely to unearth some of Orkney’s rich heritage, as dig up a bucket of spuds.

This is exactly what happened to Hamish Mowatt, in September, when he investigated what lay beneath a large stone slab in the garden. When he finally managed to get a camera into the small space, he found the eye sockets of a human skull staring back at him.

The archaeologists were called in and confirmed that he had discovered a 5000 year old burial chamber. The chamber has started filling with water and the team now face a race against time and the Orkney elements to document and rescue artefacts.

A video diary of the excavation can be viewed online, allowing the public a rare daily insight into the uncovering of this ancient tomb.

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