Walking in Orkney and the Isles

Wide open spaces, peace, tranquility and the sounds of nature blend together making Orkney one of the perfect places to strap on the walking boots and go for a walk.

Thousands of acres await any visitor to the mainland or the Isles who want to reset their brains and forget about the hustle and bustle of city life.

Looking out over the Churchill Barriers

Looking out over the Churchill Barriers

During every walk you should stop and take in the surroundings.  Take a moment to listen and look around and you may hear the sounds of the Atlantic beating against cliffs or see a seal enjoying the afternoon sun.


Many walks are signposted and have well maintained paths and gates.  Please keep to these paths and take care to keep away from animals. Keep dogs well under control at all times.

For the more adventurous or those people who want a local guide to help, a number of companies are now available to provide assistance.  A local guide is especially useful during the winter or in bad weather to ensure your safety.

We have put together details of a number of walks, guides and maps on our sister site www.wherecanwewalk.com.

If you know of any walks not featured in this list or are a local guide then please get in touch and we can update our information.